A recovery-education program presented by trained consumer presenters/facilitators to other consumers, families, friends and professionals. Hear from people who have struggled with disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, and other severe mental illnesses. These presenters offer insight and hope by their example and testimonials of their experiences.

In Our Own Voice is…

  • An informational outreach program on recovery presented by trained consumers to other consumers, families, students, professionals, and all people wanting to learn about mental illness.
  • Designed to offer insight into how people with serious mental illnesses cope with the realities of their disorders while recovering and reclaiming productive lives with meaning and dignity.
  • Living proof that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of and that recovery is an ongoing reality.

The Presentation

The brief video features consumers speaking about the topics of Dark Days, Acceptance, Medications, Coping Skills, Successes, and Hopes and Dreams.

The presenters also provide opportunity for discussion about each section to enrich the audience’s understanding of living with mental illness.

A Take Home Kit is distributed to all attendees and includes resources and an opportunity for program evaluation.

The Presentation is Designed…

  • To meet the need for consumer-run education initiatives.
  • To set a standard for quality education about mental illness from those who have been there.
  • Presenters are consumers who are ready for the next step in their recovery and are willing to share their story.
  • During their training, presenters practice telling their personal stories, develop facilitation skills, develop story points that will be relevant and meaningful to specific audiences, and develop a professional presentation that they could take to their communities.

The Audience

  • Consumers in day programs, inpatient settings, support groups, and other community settings who can share, learn, and find hope for successful living.
  • Family and friends who may need further reassurance of the possibility of recovery for their loved ones.
  • Health care providers who desire strengthened communication with their clients and improved outcomes.
  • Law enforcement officials to increase awareness of and sensitivity to behaviors triggered by mental illness.
  • Faith communities to increase responsiveness to people with mental illnesses who may first turn to their spiritual community for guidance.
  • Students of various age levels, who wish to expand their know-ledge of living with mental illness.
  • Any community or civic organization who may be interested in learning more about mental illnesses.
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Program Interest

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please fill out a request form. IF you have questions, please email IOOV@namisd.org.