Peer to PeerPeer to Peer is a FREE educational course for any Adults (18 and older) living with mental illness who is interested in establishing and/or maintaining their wellness and recovery. Each session is two hours in length and continues for ten complete sessions. The course uses a combination of lecture, interactive exercise and structured group processes, and the diversity of experience among the course participants affords for a lively dynamic that moves the course along. The course is guided by two trained “mentors” and a “resource” volunteer who are themselves experienced at living well with mental illness.

Registration is required. Email A gentle mention that the course closes off to new registrants after the second session.

Would you

  • Like to learn more about your mental illness?
  • Benefit by being around others that know what it’s like living with mental illness?
  • Be interested in developing a Relapse Prevention Plan?

What is taught exactly?

  • Class 1
    Getting Started – Mental Health and Recovery: Exploring different viewpoints of mental health and recovery. Creating a personal vision statement.

  • Class 2
    The Brain and the Body: Learning about the relationship between mental health and overall physical health. Understanding the impact of the environment and the brain on mental health conditions. SMART goals.

  • Class 3
    Telling My Story: Sharing personal stories. Exploring the benefits and limitations of mental health diagnoses.

  • Class 4
    Strengthening Relationships: Building connections with others. Improving communication skills.

  • Class 5
    Growing Support Networks: Building a nurturing a circle of support

  • Class 6
    Tools for Enhancing Recovery: Responding to stress effectively. Learning about different types of therapies and medications. Looking more closely at goals.

  • Class 7
    My Story, My Strengths: Understanding personal stories in a new way. Preparing for conversations with mental health providers.

  • Class 8:
    Moving Forward: Revisiting personal visions. Planning next steps.

  • Remember, seating is limited.