The PeerLINKS Program

PeerLINKS is a free, confidential program designed for individuals who need help connecting to behavioral health treatment (mental health and/or substance use), resources or rebuilding their support network. Our goal is to work in partnership with you to Link you with behavioral health services and community resources, while INcreasing your Knowledge and providing Support. We share messages of hope as we model recovery. We also coordinate care and offer help with obtaining benefits.

Is PeerLINKS Right for You?

Our approach is to meet you where you are in your recovery, work to support your goals and preferences, and empower you to actively participate in your recovery.

It is our vision to support your goals and to inspire hope on your journey to meeting your mental health and co-occurring needs. Our program is open to all people no matter where you are in your process of healing or on your pathway to recovery. We support individuals of all races, genders and backgrounds. We strive to help you develop a unique plan tailored to your personal preferences by sharing our message of hope while offering community information, assistance with navigating resources and help obtaining benefits. It is our intention to awaken moments of optimism and happiness in order to assist you in creating a valuable plan which will make a difference in your future. We are stronger together.

What to Expect

Upon joining our program, you will be partnered with a Peer/Family Support Specialist (a PeerLINKS team member living with mental health conditions or who has lived experience with a family member), who will provide peer support to you for up to six months. During that time, they will guide you through connecting with resources, applying for benefits, navigating the healthcare system, and more! They will meet withyou regularly in the community, as well as be available via phone/text.

Participant Testimonial 

Who is Eligible for PeerLINKS?

Adults 18 years of age or older living with a mental health condition, who have Medi-Cal coverage of any type, are eligible for Medi-Cal or have no insurance.

Additionally, must have been a client of one of these sites within the last two weeks or be referred to our program by any of the following sites:

  • Jary Barreto, New Vistas, or Vista Balboa Crisis Centers;
  • UC San Diego’s Neuropsychiatry Behavioral Medicine Unit or Emergency Department; or
  • Scripps Mercy’s Behavioral Health Unit or Emergency Department.
  • NEW: Del Sur or Halcyon Crisis Centers. Please note that there are additional eligibility requirements for individuals from these two crisis centers/homes; please call our office to learn more: 619-795-0591.

We are proud to share that one of our participants Rayzell Simpson, as well as our Peer/Family Support Specialist, Team Lead Crystal Castro were interviewed in the Emmy Award winning series “Healing Hearts and Minds” by Carlo Cecchetto from CBS News 8. Please watch their video to experience their heart-warming interview. (The full series can be viewed here )  

How Can You Join?

The first step is to be referred to our program, which can be done in two ways:

  • Ask your Social Worker at your site to refer you to the PeerLINKS Program. They can complete our referral and send it to is.


  • You can also call us directly at 619-795-0591.

Once referred to us, our team, we will ask you a series of questions to determine whether you qualify for our program.

Family members: if you would like for your loved one to join our program, please ask your loved one’s care/treatment team to refer them to our program or please ask your loved one to contact us directly

The PeerLINKS Team

Our Peer/Family Support Specialists, Team Leads, Lead Clinician, Administrative Support Associate, Program Manager and Director have diverse ages and backgrounds. All services provided are gender-responsive, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and LGBTQIA-affirming.

Funding Information:

PeerLINKS is led by NAMI San Diego. The program is funded by the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency through the Mental Health Services Act.

Contact PeerLINKS:

Phone: 619-795-0591

Fax: 619-795-0590

5095 Murphy Canyon Rd, Suite 320

San Diego, CA 92123