Dear Family and Friends,

Because of COVID-19, we are Family Members sheltering in place with loved ones.  We are Peers in urgent need of social connection.  We are parents of children and young adults who live with serious challenges. We are NAMI San Diego and we are here for you.  Make no mistake, this is hard. Like many of you, we are working remotely as each day, our world shifts deeper into a holding pattern for an unknown length of time. Like you, we feel these challenges in our bodies, our relationships and our mental health. And we know that together, we will make it through.

NAMI San Diego practices and promotes Physical Distancing in order to prevent spreading of highly contagious COVID-19 virus. At the same time, we also understand that this is no time to socially disconnect from each other!  We encourage keeping PHYSICAL DISTANCE while reminding everyone that SOCIAL CONNECTIONS are more important than ever.

NAMI San Diego asks you for a daily commitment to being SOCIAL at least ONE time with ONE other person that you are NOT sheltering with.

Keep a six foot or larger circle for physical distancing, follow the guidelines of hand washing and guard against face touching…but do not stay “alone” in your circle of physical distance. Invite people into your daily routine by talking on the phone, spending screen time through Facebook messaging or FaceTime, ZOOM or other communication APPS or online video sharing platforms.  Join NAMI San Diego as we migrate SUPPORT GROUPS to an online format, free to attend and limited in size.

You are as important to NAMI San Diego as NAMI San Diego is to the region. We know this deeply.