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Introducing ASL Answers to Mental Health Questions

ASL Answers is an interactive conversational technology for the deaf community. Through a combination of streaming video
and natural language processing that mimics an actual conversation, users interact with the web-based technology provided
through Medrespond’s Conversational Patient Engagement℠ to receive answers to their questions in American Sign Language (ASL).

  • Conversational format lets users type questions and get signed answers back
  • ASL expertise by Certified Deaf Interpreters
  • Clients get culturally appropriate answers to mental health questions in private
  • Brand with your organization’s name
  • Content can be customized to your region, and topics can be added or deleted
  • Hosting – We will host on our servers for reliability, efficient updating and maintenance

  • Add links to your local resources

NAMI San Diego partners with organizations to customize this content for your consumers and patients while co-branding with your identity.

“It is challenging enough to reach the hearing population with expert information about mental illnesses and mental health resources. The deaf community is significantly underserved due to insufficient ASL resources and the lack of a culturally competent service delivery system. By combining Medrespond’s innovative technology with our vast amount of behavioral health expertise and resources, we believe this solution represents a significant breakthrough to reach such an important population.”
Shannon Jaccard

This web based technology provides unprecedented user engagement by providing vital information on demand in a conversational manner. Behind the scenes is a sophisticated technology which uses natural language processing to interpret what information the user is seeking then delivers that information in a video format. Here it is done in ASL.

This technology is:

  • Accessible (desk top, laptop or mobile devices)

  • Engaging

  • Conversational

  • Culturally appropriate

Users do not need to create login or password credentials. The program is open to all through our partners’ web sites. Users type their questions into the “Ask” box below the video. Answers to those questions will be served up in video clips by Certified Deaf Interpreters using American Sign Language (ASL). The program will also suggest related questions the user may be interested in and display them to the left of the video.

When the browser is in full screen mode, a transcription of the signed answers will be displayed below the video. If a question is asked for which there is not a video answer, the program will suggest alternative questions and answers. The system tracks all questions and if there are questions that are not answered, video clips can be added at a later date.

Resource information referenced in the videos is displayed by clicking the Resource Tab on the right side. This information is presented using a range a media, e.g. PDF’s, documents, URL links, other videos, etc.

We partner with organizations to co-brand this program and offer it through the Partner’s own web presence. A baseline of content has been developed with over 150 questions and answers. Partners can decide to omit some of these Q and A’s and/or add to the library to specifically fit the Partner’s unique and local needs.

We will work with you to develop your unique content, then our Deaf ASL interpreters and videographers will create the additional video clips to be integrated into your ASL Answers.

We will host and maintain the program for you on our servers so there is no work on your end. We will provide you with reports that include usage, frequently asked questions, time spent in the program and more. All you need to do is coordinate with us to provide the appropriate link to your web presence.
ASL Answers used content experts in the mental health field to include Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, Legal and individuals with lived experiences (consumers and family). Certified Deaf Interpreters were recorded to ensure ASL accuracy and cultural competency.
There are two components to the cost. First is the monthly hosting of ASL Answers which is a subscription model based on the amount of content being hosted; however this cost is nominal in comparison to live ASL interpreters. The second component is optional and dependent on any customization work that may be required. These costs are a one-time fee for any additional development work that may be required, such as the addition of new content and video clips.

We are happy to work with you to scope and quote your project.

NAMI San Diego has accumulated an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise over the 30 plus years since our inception. We are a primary trusted and reliable resource for issues related to mental health and illness in the San Diego area. Medrespond is the pioneer in Conversational ℠ Patient Engagement where technology allows for individuals to ask questions in their own words and receive video supplied answers to those questions in a conversational manner.

This project used the combined expertise of these parties as well as experts in the Deaf community to bridge a service gap and provide information in the predominant language of the Deaf, American Sign Language (ASL). What you see on this web site is a generic version of the content offered. Customizations can be made for each partner or the solution can be deployed as is with partner co-branding.